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For One Night Only

Sing-Along show with Jon

First you enjoy wonderful Greek food (you provide) with after dinner entertainment as you join Jon as he plays and you sing all the favourite Abba songs from the movie Mama Mia. So if you are a fan of Pierce Brosnan's singing or not, come and join the fun as we whisk you away to the imaginary Greek island of Kalokairi.

All the lyrics are supplied and can be seen on this website (note that not all songs may be played).

"Best New Golf Comedy since Caddy Shack"

Getting over a difficult divorce, affable Bogart throws himself into the game of golf. But when his beloved Woodlands Golf Club is slated for closure, he and the other characters that share his passion plot a way to keep it alive.

Starring Jon Borrill as Bogart, and Clive Scarff as Ray with supporting roles from CJ Scarff (Rick), Annalise Stozenburg (Lisa) and Kat Stewart (Lauren).

Learn, Laugh and Love the Game of Golf

Join Clive and Jon as they explore the finer points of golf. Once you join the channel you can gain access to the well respected video course called "Hit Down Dammit". Learn that hitting down is the only way for the ball to go up. This fixes so many of the problems average golfers endure. Also, you can watch the movie and enjoy entertainment including the chat shows, the rules+ show "Scarff on This" and our growing list of "The Top 5 Show"

Beatles Forever

"Yesterday" and Today

Sing-Along with Jon

A night of all your old favourites. Inspired by the movie "Yesterday" which imagined a world without Beatles songs until .... well I won't spoil it - go see the movie!

If you love the Beatles then you'll love this sing-along. All the lyrics are supplied and can be seen on this website


This is such a FUN game and can be played by families, and kids old and young. Jon can supply all the equipment and be ready to run all the favourites including FULL HOUSE, First in a Line, Perfect Squares. Games can also be designed around a theme to make it more fun. A trivia quiz, costumes, music and other options.

What else can you do?

From Award ceremonies to Sporting Events to book launches and video presentations. JB Productions can offer a very wide variety of services to your event.